International Workshop on Data-Centric Engineering

Samberg Conference Center
Cambridge, Massachusetts, U. S. A
December 9-12, 2019

About the workshop.

The aim of this workshop is to put together a unified vision for how data-centric methods can empower engineering research, education and the professional practice. Our goal is to identify salient engineering challenges and their associated methodological thrusts that will offer value, opportunity and impact in the years to come. World renowned speakers who work at the interface of an engineering discipline and data-centric methodologies will be invited to present their perspectives to an audience formed of leading researchers from academia, industry and government sectors.

Engineering disciplines:
Fluids. Civil. Aerospace. Electrical. Autonomy. Materials. Transportation. Mechanics.

Data-centric thrusts:
Inverse problems. Data Assimilation. Optimal experiment design. Data compression. Dimension Reduction. Design under uncertainty.


Andrew Stuart California Institute of Technology
Carolina Osorio Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dean Oliver Uni Research
Karen Willcox University of Texas, Austin
Karthik Duraisamy University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Lord Robert Mair University of Cambridge
Omar Ghattas University of Texas, Austin
Petros Koumoutsakos ETH, Zurich
Philip Withers University of Manchester
Sertac Karaman Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sir Harry Bhadeshia University of Cambridge
Stephane Bordas University of Luxembourg
Yannis Kevrekidis Johns Hopkins University

Organizing Committee.

Mark Girolami University of Cambridge
Kody Law University of Manchester
Youssef Marzouk Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pranay Seshadri University of Cambridge
Jennifer Whyte Imperial College London
Ioannis Brilakis University of Cambridge
Matt De Jong University of California, Berkeley
Tamara Broderick Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Themistoklis Sapsis Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nicholas Roy Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Justin Solomon Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Amr El Bakry Exxon Mobil
Paul Barbone Boston University


MIT Turing

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